About Me

My healing journey began over 15 years ago, I come from a long line of intuitive psychics & spiritual healers who has passed down the tradition of reuniting lovers and healing the spiritual body. I use my intuition to offer guidance to all my clients,encouraging them to move in a positive direction no matter what obstacles the future has in store for them.

Throughout my life i have shared my gift with others around me whether itโ€™s by phone or in person through my business I have established connections with people all over the US.

Athens psychic is a licensed business I am a certified psychic reader & Love specialist. I am a fourth generation psychic,With over 15 years of experience.



                     I Specialize in,

            | Palmistry | Tarot Cards |

                 | Psychic Readings |


              | Spiritual Cleansing|       

                | Aura Cleansing |

              | Chakra Balancing |

           | Chakra Light Healing |



            | Reuniting Lovers | 

          |  Divorce Guidance  |

            | Restores Health |

     | Career & Finance  issues |  

     |  Family &  Friend  Issues |

 | Removes Negativity & Bad Luck|


When you schedule any spiritual session with me, you will receive a detailed and highly accurate service that covers the aspects of your life where you feel you need the most guidance. I work with the best and highest intentions when connecting with you, your spirit guides me through your energy & vibrations to pick up on things in your past,present & future . Through my God given gifts I work with people to understand exactly what their going through in their lives and why. Once we understand what youโ€™re going through I can tell what is a head of you in the future, so you can always work to be on the path that God has chosen for you instead of getting lost in the mist of your problems.For many years people have come to me,clouded by difficulties and uncertainties, Iโ€™ve been able to work with them in guiding them through their broken relationships,lost jobs,gaining back their happiness & much more. I enter into every Reading with a open heart. through a reading with me, it is my intentions to give you clarity, peace, courage and a strong sense of purpose. 


โœจ Athens ๐Ÿ”ฎ psychic โœจ

1965 Lexington Road, Athens, Georgia 30605, United States

(706) 308 -3885